Pollution control standards have created real and pressing problems for the manufacturing and process industries as well as municipalities. Compliance is often complex and time consuming. Today’s solutions may not be applicable for tomorrow’s standards.

Beltran, incorporated in New York State in 1946, has more than 50 years experience in air pollution control, We are uniquely suited to provide the engineering skills and manufacturing capabilities necessary to produce the flexible solutions needed in this environment. We are here, for you, for today and for the future.

Our experienced staff of expert chemical, electrical, mechanical and fluid mechanical, structural, environmental and project management engineers are able to study your process and design efficient, cost-effective and durable equipment to meet your exact needs. We manufacture custom components, supervise installations, train plant personnel in proper operation and maintenance and provide post-sales service.
In order to provide the best solutions to increasingly complex problems, the Beltran corporate philosophy has always been to devote a portion of its resources to fundamental research and development. Research on biofiltration mechanisms, electrostatic enhancement of fine particles for removal in axial inlet particle separators, pulse power supplies and plasmas are sometimes underwritten by government contracts or funded internally. Our continuing research, attention to details and practical field experience results in our state-of-the-art technologies.
Michael R. Beltran, our President, is a scientist, inventor, engineer and administrator. He is a world renowned, recognized expert in the field of fine particulate control and gas cleaning. His lectures have been well received around the globe and presented and published more than 50 papers in the field of pollution control, electrostatic precipitation, combustion and heat recovery.

Beltran's broad based background, devotion to producing world-class equipment at affordable prices, strong financial resources, decades of continuous operation and experience and a view to the future are here to serve you in every way possible.